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Philippa and Nathan Virginia Park Lodge

Philippa and Nathan Virginia Park Lodge. I remember when we first met Philippa and Nathan they booked us off the recommendation of a family friend, they loved seeing our work online. They had already booked us before meeting. We will never forget their smiling faces they came right up said hello we have you booked for our wedding we are Philippa and Nathan they were so excited to finally meet us. They booked on our wild and free session around 6 months later, We remember it exactly. We went to kinbane head it rained for 45 mins before our shoot, it stayed dry for the hour and then it rained again typical Northern Irish weather. Ali and I even fell on the muck with no hands to save ourselves. The craic was great, We went on to Ballycastle for a coffee and cake it was the best date. You see this was almost 2 and 3 years ago but we remember each and every couple we book. We love to get to know them personally. We really connected before the wedding and I truly believe they could fully be themselves around us. We are not a wedding factory of booking lots of couples. We are simply become friends.Simply becomming FriendsPhilippa and Nathan