What is it REALLY like when you choose to work with us?

We know how fast the day passes. One minute you’re sipping champagne whilst getting ready and then before you know it, you’re on the dancefloor with your besties.

What happens in between is where the magic lies and we know exactly where to find it. We’re the dynamic duo you didn’t know you needed. Between us, we document every special moment so you can just enjoy being in the moment on one of the most exciting days of life. Sound good?

You don’t want to spend hours posing but…

You also want to capture everyone at your wedding who is special to you. That’s where we come in.


We feel you. We won’t take you away for hours of awkward posing, but we will steal you for a short break to get those stunning but natural couple shots.


We’re here for it. We’re documentary photographers which means we capture the day discreetly as it unfolds. Think of us as your new friends, but with mad camera skills.


With the two of us working together, we won’t miss a moment. From the decor to the dancing dads, we love documenting the quirky ‘blink-and-you-miss-it’ details.



We are genuinely interested in you and wholeheartedly care about your wedding day. We spend alot of time getting to know people so that we can create images which look and feel true to them. This starts from the moment you enquire. Every wedding is different. No wedding is ‘just another booking. It’s so important to us to provide an impactful service.

Weddings can be stressful and overwhelming. We are here to offer advice and will always be a friendly face in the crowd when it can all get too much.

I (Laura), will be your person, throughout the whole planning process.

We have been shooting weddings for 14 years and have seen it all, nothing is out of the ordinary. What means the most to us is what it all feels like, so ensuring your feeling all the feels and enjoying every single second is paramount to the experience.



Getting ready


This is a private time to connect, have fun and be pampered. This is why we don’t arrive until you’re nearly ready.

We’ll capture the final touches, the toasts, the tears and the first looks from your family and friends, without getting in the way.

One of the best things about working with a duo is that we CAN be in two places at the same time. Laura is all about the bridal prep and if your getting ready in the same location or very near by, you’ll find Ali with the grooms …

(He can tie a bow tie or pin on a buttonhole. Skills!).




There are so many lovely moments during before, during and just after your ceremony. The beauty of shooting together is that we can capture this special part of the day from two angles. From arriving at the church to the chaos of the confetti throw, we’ll be discreetly capturing it all.

And whilst you’ve got a well-deserved glass of champagne in hand, we’ll be there to catch every hug and happy tear.


The party


When you’re getting ready to kick of your shoes and have fun, we’ll be right there with you. You’ll find us taking candids of your Aunty Jean doing a shot and your best friends getting down on the dance floor.

Couples often say, “I completely missed that” when they see the images


We are so grateful for the most amazing couples, word of mouth is everything to us and thats why our diary fills up so quickly, but don’t just take out word for it…


Ali and Laura photographed our wedding this year and we really could not recommend them enough. They were so relaxing and fun to work with they completely put us both at ease. The photos have turned out amazingly and really naturally captured the day!


Absolutely loved our wedding photos, Ali and Laura are the perfect duo to capture your day! Thanks again

Working with Ali and Laura was the best. They BRING THE VIBE, creating a warm fun welcoming atmosphere to the day. We couldnt imagine it without them – they made the day.



Your investment in us will give you moments and memories captured forever that will only grow in value over time. We price our packages based on what we capture.


Lets get to know each other! A pre wedding shoot is a lovely way to make you feel at ease with the camera. And of course you’ll have a lovely set of images to use at your wedding or hang in your house.


With Ali & Laura


To remember this special time of planning your big day


A chance for you to get comfortable with us and relax in front of the camera


All your key moments covered right from bridal prep until the pre-meal speeches.



Add extra coverage or albums and wall art


A slideshow highlight before the main event live on a personal link for 1 year and your beautiful online gallery of images covering your day from key moments, to candids and group shots


Everything we offer bundled up in to one package so you don’t miss out on anything.



Before the big day

Full Day coverage from bridal prep – first dances

Online gallery live for one year

10 x 10 signature album

Plus wooden USB box with 30 surprise prints


Our style is natural and unobtrusive and we just love to catch all those candid fleeting moments, from nervous laughter to happy tears.

We won’t forget to capture those important family portraits but we love to keep that part of the day short and sweet. We want to capture your day in the most honest way, just letting events unfold as they happen. We want your experience to be one to remember.

But we’re super nervous in front of the camera? We hear this all the time but honestly we just want you to be you no awkard posing but our relaxed nature should ensure you feel at ease with us.

We are definitely not traditional photographers so bear this in mind if you’re interested in a more formal or structured approach to your wedding photography. We are all about the moments, Everything you see on our feed is REAL.

We love to tell the story of your entire wedding day, Most couples opt for us to cover right from the morning preparations untill the dancing in the evening, although we do offer a shorter option which means we will finish in the evening covering your pre meal speeches, Which is our most popular option especially for winter weddings.

Some morning groom coverage can also be included if within a reasonable distance (5 to 10 min drive away).  We can add on full groom preperation coverage as an extra. We travel to all our weddings together.

Bespoke packages and coverage can be discussed for off-peak and quiet times. Fill in our contact form to enquire about our pricing.

It is very important to us that we get to know each other before your wedding day, Once you are secured onto our diary we will share our welcome guide which has so much information packed into it. Time constraints means its just impossible to meet every couple before the day in person, When we are not shooting we are editing and preparing for weddings and couple shoots.

We will get to know each other during our planning session and we can answer all your questions over a phone call, We can plan your timeline and see how the day will unfold. You will also have unlimtied access to me via whats app for any help and advice along the way.

We also offer our ‘Wild and Free’ couples session before the big day. This allows you to get used to our shooting style and also the opportunity for us to get to know you a bit better. Rates for our couples session are included in our pricing section .

We are in our office most weekdays between 10-4 if we are not shooting weddings on the weekends then we are catching up on some family time.

By a portrait shoot we mean the time in your wedding when we take you +/- your bridal party away for for some intimate shots. This usually takes 30-40 minutes, or even longer if you wish for something specific and individual that requires a little more time. More time gives us more possibilities.

Of course we are very aware that you don’t don’t want to miss out on your own party and on some occasions have even managed to capture some great results in less than 30 minutes. So, it’s really up to you and how much time you want to spend.

We aim to deliver no less than 600 images from your wedding day and you may get more depending on the coverage you have went for.

In any case, We will ensure you the photos will be carefully selected so that all moments are adequately covered and your story is well told.

Of course not. You will get the carefully selected images in full resolution on a personal online gallery and you are allowed to print the images as many times as you want. We retain the copyright, there for your other vendors must obtain images for commercial use from us.

We are happy to share the images with vendors as long as credit is given.  We take alot of time to ensure your images are perfect, The colours are individually processed to our signature style. We do not allow the use of filters or any other manipulation, this is not a true representation of our work. We want you to love on them and share them as much as you want.

After your wedding day we will carefully review all images and make a selection. The selected images will be individually processed, with around 5-10% delivered in black and white. Processing the images takes up quite some time, therefore it may take up to 8 weeks until you will see all your photos. We will post some sneaks up on our social media to get your ready for the main event.

I will also set up an online gallery for you. That way even guests who travelled from far away will be able to see the photos online with your personal login.

Absolutely! We love to travel and we are usually happy to take any chance to do so.  So please take us wherever you need to go in this world for your wedding day.

Awesome! We re so happy you love our work. We’VE made the booking process really easy.  We will send all our booking details via email this will be in the form of a link to your online portal with your chosen package, you can view your package,  and sign your contract in there. Once you have accepted your quote paid the retainer fee and signed the contract your booking is secure.  Our non-refundable retainer fee is £500

Please note we cannot hold dates so do not delay in following all the steps to secure. This is the only way we see fair as we receive so many enquiries and we don’t want anyone to miss out.



We love weddings. We love hearing about them. We love planning them. We love being at them.

We’ve shot hundreds of weddings and we’re still just as excited as ever about capturing the story of your special day. Trust us – we know just how special it is to you.

If you like what you’ve seen and you’ll like to jump on a call with us, click the link below and we will send you through all the information you need.

We’ll bring the coffee and you bring ALL the details.