Nicole & Ally’s stunning outdoor wedding ceremony | Beech Hill House Hotel


Nicole and Ally both got ready at the hotel and it was just perfect being able to go to between the two morning preparations. We loved being able to float between the two rooms and telling the different parts of their story.

When we met up, Nicole and Ally made it quite clear that this was their day. They were going to fully enjoy every moment and just take it all in. They couldn’t have been more right do so.  We have to admit it was one of the most relaxed weddings of 2018. We definitely put that down to hosting every aspect of their day at Beech Hill House Hotel. This Post is a little Nod to the legacy of Patsy O’Kane and her dedication at Hotel, making many couples dreams come true in the most natural way. Her love and belief in Beech Hill will forever be remembered. Happy Retirement Patsy.

We are so excited to share some of Nicole and Ally’s Story Enjoy.

Nicole & Ally

Beech Hill House Hotel

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