Lets be real for a moment. 2018 was probably one of our toughest years to date.
In April, we found out we were expecting our second baby. A very exciting time for us and we couldn’t wait to share our news. Devastatingly at the same time, we discovered that my dad was very unwell, Cancer! That word that none of us ever wants to hear. As my dad was going through his treatment we almost lost him to sepsis in June.
So began our balancing act between being there for my family and making sure our wedding couples were well looked after.
Now, as I continue to keep this real, I want you all to know that Ali and I are filled with gratitude towards every single one of you who invests in us to capture your wedding. We really want to thank all of our wonderful couples and their families for letting us in to capture their wedding days. It was our get away from our world of the big C, where we could jump into your world for a day filled with joy.
As you already know, we are big on moments but this year we have taken moments to an all time high.  I cried with you, I laughed with you and I most certainly danced with you until the end. I won’t lie either, when I watched you dancing with your daddies I knew that would be a moment you will cherish for the rest of your life, just like I did on my own wedding day.
I am so grateful for the time that I spent with my amazing dad when we could fully focus on him. He was one of our biggest champions and he relished getting to see and hear all about our weddings. Sadly, Heaven called him home on the 22nd December.
In this new year, we welcomed our beautiful little daughter Alix into the world on the 12th January. It was bittersweet yet such a tonic for us all as we continue to grieve the loss of my dad. She will no doubt know him through our stories and memories that we share as she grows.
Here are our personal moments of 2018.  We are not just a brand, we are not perfect, we are Ali and Laura – real people who go through real life experiences, just like you.

2018 Personal


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