Alternative, Quirky and Creative Wedding Photography

Relaxed and informal wedding for non-traditional couples

Working as an alternative wedding photographer doesn’t really mean capturing alternative couples or an alternative wedding (although it does mean that sometimes!) It means using an alternative approach to being a wedding photographer and working with couples who are willing to take their vows differently.

We come across loads of couples; some are alternative while some aren’t. From elopement weddings to typical church weddings; we have had the opportunity to cover an extensive range of weddings. But one quality that unites all the couples is the desire to have a wedding that truly portrays who they are as a couple.

Alternative wedding photography is all about making you and your day special. For us, it also means using a creative wedding photography approach to distinctively tell your story.

As a duo that is passionate about creative wedding storytelling, we’d be spending the whole day shooting candidly and you won’t even realize we’re there. We focus immensely on the story of the day – from the obvious moments (emotional vows, first kiss, first dance) to the in between moments like silent interactions between people and other details of the day.

Some hands-on imaginative ideas that we have worked on in the past include:

  • Quirky Weddings
  • Photo-Booth Weddings
  • Non-Traditional Weddings
  • Creative Documentary Weddings
  • Boho Weddings
  • Whimsical Fairy-Tale Weddings

Alternative Wedding Photographers in Northern Ireland

We’re more than just a team of creative and alternative wedding photographers.What’s consistent across our approach is our focus on telling a unique story of each couple. If there’s one thing that we absolutely love to shoot, it’s JOY! The little candid moments of joy are so pure and real that they’re worth capturing.

Our emphasis is always on simplicity and creativity to produce honest images with a lot of heart and soul. With every wedding that we cover, we refine our photography skills. Whether it is art, nature, fashion or architecture; we’re inspired by everything around us. For us, every wedding is unique and this is why we approach each wedding with fresh eyes, new excitement and ideas.

We try to avoid stereotypes as much as possible and show the individuality of every person. Our ultimate aim is to create timeless pictures that you will treasure for years to come.

Whether you’re getting married in a barn at Londonderry, outdoors in Dublin or by the castle at Belfast, we’d be happy to be a part of your special day. We know we’ll enjoy every bit of it and capture those moments beautifully in our camera.

The end goal is to visually tell your story in a very inventive way that will leave you in tears the first time we show it to you. Nothing is like the experience we offer our clients; we want you to be able to remember your wedding day all over again through extraordinary photographs that will blow your mind. We love what we do and we are forever grateful to all of our clients for allowing us to tell their stories and be a part of their special days!

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