2016….. its been incredible

2016………. You have been incredible!!!!!!!!!

Its hard to believe its coming to an end. Its been year filled of , fun, laughter, photo bombers, tears, tantrums, finishing touches, quiet moments, crazy dancers, amazing dresses, epic cakes, sparkers, sunsets, surprises, friendships, the year of the beard i could go on.
You know its times like these that we get to reflect on what a year we have had. Its undeniable that we wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for the brides and grooms and their families we are so blessed to have been part of your story, No award in the world would ever compensate for being in that moment with our couples seeing true emotion and feelings that people go through on a wedding day. The family members we have captured that are no longer here. That moment when you put the ring on the wrong finger , when you put on your dress and you forgot to pee, When daddy sees his baby girl in her dress for the first time. We know these are priceless memories this is what we live for being in that moment its not a set up this is real life.
We are so so excited to share our 2016 roundup lets take it all in and remember the great times. WE LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS ….



A round up of our best year yet.

2016….. You have been incredible