Through many years of research, we have been looking at many albums of choice.

Many of you brides to be can be confused about different types of albums, we wanted to give you an insight to our album of preference. We are in the process of fading out our digital style albums and will be fully producing Fine Art Albums only. We truly love and enjoy seeing our work displayed in this album style.

With option of Genuine Leather and Linen we offer many colour option for your font cover, these albums create a timelsss finish for your wedding album meaning it will never date and also longevity so you will be proud to bring your album out weather its 2 years or 20 years from your wedding!

Presenting the Fine Art Album.

Collage 1

What is the fine art album i hear you ask? well….

The Fine Art Album is an album were each and every page is printed by hand and bound together in a genuine leather cover

with the writing of your choice. it really has to be seen and held to be fully appreciated.

A little word from our suppliers,

‘The quality of our fine art printing is everything to us and we’re constantly working to improve consistency and clarity even further. Quite how we achieve such a stunning performance from our high-end printers is a secret we prefer to keep to ourselves.

However our pigment-based inks, of archival quality, go a long way towards helping us get it right. We utilise the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) products developed by Epson to bring breath-taking sharpness and accuracy to your images. Great care is taken, too, to optimise our ICC colour profiles. You can trust us to handle the screen-to-prints journey of your work’

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